Invest in Yourself Now!
9 Jan 2022

Invest in Yourself Now!

Investing in yourself can save us many ways, here are some examples on how:

Invest in your health:

by doing exercise, proper diet, sleeping well, you are able to have a healthier life, which makes doctors and medicines avoidable, makes your body and mind fresher and able to function better, eventually making you more productive than the others. This reduces your cost of going to medical treatments, may also allow you to work more than you normally do as you function better, as well as making you able to help others and live happier.

Invest in your knowledge: 

this can be done by reading books, exploring new things through online, seminars, webinars, watching news, exploring new ventures you never did and many more. This helps you thinking out of the box, helps you in your work as you may have different options to solve your problems. Also giving you an added value for your employer if compared to others as you know more things.

Invest in your finance: 

this can be done by controlling our expenses at the moment, once again checking on our “wants” and comparing to our “needs” and changing ourselves from consumptive spender to subjective spender. This will help us increasing our savings which can be used for a better cause in the times where increasing our earnings becomes difficult. Liquidity of our investments has to also be rechecked as to keep us save when in need.

Invest in your family: 

it is very common in our life that during harder times only true friends and families stick around us, others so called friends for benefits normally are too busy finding new friends for benefits. If we have been away from our near and dear ones too busy trying to climb up our career path, this is a good reminder to spend and appreciate more our own, as when no one is there, our family is always there for us to comfort and encourage, eventually giving strength to move forward.

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