How to Manage Your Salary to Avoid Over spending
29 Mei 2023

How to Manage Your Salary to Avoid Over spending

Even though your monthly salary is quite large, if it is not managed properly it will still run out quickly. Especially if in the middle of the month your wallet is running low. Plus there are household monthly expenses that have not been fully met.

However, by knowing how to manage the right monthly money, you will not easily waste money. Even though it's not too late, it's a good idea to check your daily income and expenses again. Maybe some people are aware of their wasteful habits in managing finances and want to fix it. For that, there are a number of things that should be done to be able to control yourself so that finances are more organized.


Then what should be done?

  • Plan a Budget from the First Salary

Regardless of the amount, finances need to be carefully planned from the start when you start working and get your first salary. If you don't do it right, even people who have worked for years feel overwhelmed. For this reason, it is mandatory to have an effective budget plan. It's a good idea to take the time to make budget planning so that you can put it into practice more easily.


  • Avoid having debt

Debt is something that feels like a solution at first, even though it can actually be dangerous in the future. It is very important to observe carefully because it will determine success in managing finances. It would be nice not to easily owe any amount. From the start, try to avoid debt, especially for consumptive things.

This mindset can also be applied when making payments online. Reconsider choosing the pay later payment method and also using a credit card. Because when it is due, it will give a new burden that is felt behind.


  • Try to Keep Living Frugal

No matter what income you have, frugal life choices are still wiser than impulsively fulfilling desires. Saving doesn't mean torturing yourself, but self-discipline. When every financial transaction is carried out according to priority, the effect will be better in the future.


  • Not Trapped by Lifestyle

You must be familiar with hanging out habits. Even though sometimes you don't really like hanging out, but because you are invited by work friends, sometimes it's hard to say no. It is true that expenditures used for lifestyle due to environmental factors are not always large. But what if you do it frequently? In this case, lifestyle traps are something to watch out for.


Of course, everyone has their own goals that they want to achieve along with increasing their income. When income increases and life is stable, of course it will be easier to do more things or move on with further planning starting from personal and professional aspects. But, something far certainly starts from the first step. Income that increases when a career has gone up also starts from the first salary.

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