How to Grow and Develop as a Leader
2 Jan 2023

How to Grow and Develop as a Leader

Those with strong leadership skills are always highly desirable in the workplace, especially for positions that involve actively managing other employees. However, for many, these skills aren’t ones which you can passively learn through on-the-job experiences. In this guide, we’ll look at some of the key actions you can take to proactively develop your career and become a more effective leader. 



1. Spend time making observations

Having a strong sense of awareness is a helpful skill that all leaders should cultivate. After all, it’s up to those in leadership positions to notice, address, and solve problems in the workplace, and staying aware of how your team members are performing will make it easier to spot potential issues and work on solutions.

2. Understand your flaws

Finding areas of improvement and constantly seeking ways to better yourself is the mark of an excellent leader. You should have enough self-awareness to define any underdeveloped skills or potentially problematic characteristics that you may have. Make sure to be honest with yourself to avoid missing any flaws. Getting a second opinion from your peers might help uncover negative traits that would otherwise be ignored.

3. Seek constructive criticism

Learning how to take and seek feedback from your superiors is essential for developing as a leader. If you have particular skills you wish to build, such as communication, then be sure to ask for specific criticism on those areas and see if those providing input have any recommendations for how to strengthen said skills. The feedback you receive will indicate which skills you should prioritize improving, so it’s a good idea to ask for critiques regularly.

4. Learn from past mistakes

Reflecting on your past experiences can reveal knowledge that can be applied to your position as a leader. Every mistake can be turned into a learning opportunity so long as you take the time to find the lesson.

5. Listen to those with experience and follow their examples

Your fellow professionals and superiors are great resources that you can utilize for growing as a leader. People who have become successful leaders will have the necessary experience to offer expert advice on how to develop your leadership skills. Someone who has strong leadership qualities can serve as a live example of how an effective leader acts.


6. Challenge yourself

Leaders should be constantly evolving as professionals and developing their skills, and one way to do this is by challenging yourself in the workplace.

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