Differences between HR and User Interviews? Job Seekers Must Know!
13 Mar 2023

Differences between HR and User Interviews? Job Seekers Must Know!

Differences between HR and User Interviews - You must have often heard of job interview tips. For job seekers, this is a preparation that must be done. Likewise for the HR team that organizes recruitment. One thing we need to understand is the difference between HR and user interviews.


Recognize the Difference between HR and User Interviews


1. The Interviewing Party

The first difference between HR and user interviews is related to the interviewer. At the HR interview, the interview was conducted with the HR team. Whereas in user interviews, interviews are conducted with people who will work in one division. In this case is the boss, supervisor, or division manager. Some companies carry out user interviews not with superiors, but with colleagues from the same division who will later become a team.


2. Purpose of the Interview

In general, HR interviews will be focused on knowing the candidate's personality or character. Regardless of technical skills or abilities, HR wants to see if he or she can fit in with the company culture.


Meanwhile, the user interview aims for more technical and detailed interview questions related to the job or jobdesc to be carried out. The goal is to find out the suitability of skills in the job position offered.


3. Interview Time

What about the time sequence of the interview between HR and the user? In general, HRD interviews are conducted when applicants have passed the initial screening stage. Some companies apply psychological test requirements before interviews in order to be able to more honestly assess the personality of applicants. It can be said that the user interview is the final stage which means that a candidate is seriously considered to join the company.


4. Types of Questions

The difference between HR and user interviews is also quite clear in the types of questions asked. HR interview questions tend to be more general, for example about strengths and weaknesses, reasons for applying to companies, work experience, and reasons for resigning from previous jobs.


For this type of question the user is no longer discussing personality or character, but rather technical experience or knowledge in the professional field they are involved in. Here what is assessed is hard skills related to work (practical job). User interview questions are also often presented in the form of case studies that must be analyzed by candidates.


How about preparing for a user interview? Candidates must provide technical and in-depth knowledge of the job being applied for. Of course, a few days beforehand, you have to research the ins and outs of the desired job position.


The difference between HR and user interviews is quite specific. Please note that not all companies implement both. There are companies that only conduct HR interviews in which they also ask about the technical aspects of the job. Generally something like this is in companies with a small scale. Companies that are recruiting new employees have the option of holding HR and user interviews or just one.

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