Candidate Experience during the Recruitment Process
19 Okt 2022

Candidate Experience during the Recruitment Process

To get the best candidates, companies must understand how to attract them. One way to attract the best candidates is to understand the candidate's experience during the recruitment process.
Candidate experience is the experience of candidates during the recruitment process in a company, starting from how they get vacancies, applying, following the selection process such as the assessment process and interviews, to onboarding. This experience includes how they respond and how they feel about the recruitment process. A complicated process may push away candidates, so companies need to think about this. 
A good experience of course also has a good impact on the company, because the candidate gets a good impression about the company, this way the company has succeeded in creating a good image for the candidate. Conversely, a negative experience will create a bad impression and will also have a negative impact on the company.

How Important Is Candidate Experience During the Recruitment Process?
Here are some reasons why a positive candidate experience is very important for HR, especially for companies.

  1. Improve the success of the recruitment process
  2. Expanding the company's reach in recruitment
  3. Elevating Company’s Employer Branding
  4. Improve the company's ability to compete with competitors
  5. Improve the chance of candidate accepting the offer

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