Trends Have Changed, Here Are 2023 Employee Recruitment Tips
3 Apr 2023

Trends Have Changed, Here Are 2023 Employee Recruitment Tips

2022 has passed as an important and historic moment because many trends in the world have changed, including in terms of employee recruitment and the HR field in general. The impact of the pandemic, which is still fluctuating in 2020, has also changed more things about recruitment strategies. Increased uncertainty raises new demands to manage HR optimally, although in a different way.


Different Employee Recruitment Compared to Several Years Ago. What are the facts on the ground about the new recruitment trend? No less than 1,500 HR professionals from 28 countries identify changing trends. This was revealed through a survey conducted by LinkedIn and supplemented by data generated by more than 760 million members. Changes that were previously thought to take years, in fact have happened in a matter of months. Recruiting methods today look very different from a few years ago.


What are the Tips for Effective Employee Recruitment in 2023?

So that you can deal with change and anticipate what's next, we've put together some effective recruitment tips in 2023.


1. Faster Employee Recruitment

Corporate HR practitioners have certain strategies to be able to get top talents who already have reliable skills in their fields. For this reason, often the selection process can take a lot of time. But the condition is when the world is facing a recovery process from a pandemic. In order to keep the wheels of the company moving, recruitment is also carried out more quickly with strategic considerations. Movements in the labor market are also more dynamic. Often talented HR faces many lucrative offers at the same time.


2. Strengthening the Corporate Culture

The next recruitment tips are not technical about how recruitment should be done. This is more to the basics related to the internal company.

Since the recruitment process, it is necessary to ensure whether these prospective employees can adapt to the work culture prevailing in the company. A simple example is the discipline factor in handling remote work without direct monitoring. Companies will benefit more if they recruit people who have experience completing projects online.


3. Virtual Recruitment

Virtual recruitment is no longer a new thing for today's HR team. In the past, this was indeed done with practical considerations in mind, but now the goal is to minimize physical contact during a pandemic. Even companies that previously relied on recruitment by in-person interviews at the office can change their method only by telephone or video call. Candidate selection in this case also pays attention to the digital footprint that has been done. The HR team can check the social media of potential candidates.


4. A Different Approach for Each Generation

It turns out that the trend that has changed is not only due to the pandemic. The need for technology is also influenced by the character of the generation. We have often heard about the millennial generation who are very familiar with the internet and have a great interest in entrepreneurship. There is another, namely the Z generation born in the 2000s who have begun to actively enter the workforce. They tend to be digital natives and are used to digitalization in many activities. They are open-minded and highly creative if given the right space and direction.


5. Instill a Productive Mindset from Anywhere

At first, the term work from home or remote working was only common for freelancers or freelancers. But now the system is already familiar because it is implemented in many companies. Likewise with working hours which are no longer tied to office hours from morning to evening, but can also adjust the productivity of the employee concerned. It's a bit challenging in terms of long-distance communication and coordination.


But it is possible that the remote working system will continue even though the pandemic is over, because the process is more efficient and also profitable for employees who live quite far from the company. So what includes the recruitment strategy is how to invite people who can be productive and can work remotely.


So far, the trend of the world of work in many sectors has changed a lot. The most visible change is the remote work culture which is also not bound by working hours. Even though they are not bound, the employees still show productive performance. Periodically, the capacity of employees also needs to be trained so that they can adjust to the needs and adapt to the times.

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