Tips to Avoid Job Vacancies Scams
6 Mar 2023

Tips to Avoid Job Vacancies Scams

Getting a job is certainly everyone's dream, especially for fresh graduates. Job seekers are competing to find available job vacancies, and of course also according to their qualifications and desires. Fresh graduates who lack experience are often trapped in a bogus job vacancy. It is this situation that is used by certain individuals to deceive their victims under the guise of job vacancies.


In this digital era, the internet is used as an option for job seekers to find job vacancies that match the criteria. Lots of people are willing to set aside their time to search on Google to get the desired information about job vacancies. 


This incident made a handful of unscrupulous people take advantage of it to be able to carry out fraudulent acts.


To avoid fraud under the guise of job vacancies, we must recognize the characteristics of job vacancy fraud, the characteristics of which are:


  • Use big company names
  • The email name used usually uses a free public domain, such as @yahoo, @gmail, @outlook which is not the email domain of a company, or even resembles the company's original email address
  • Entering a fake address
  • Requirements too easy
  • Bad writing on invitations
  • Charge fees to candidates


After recognizing the characteristics of job vacancy fraud, we hope that you will be even more observant in choosing job vacancies. Regarding the many cases of fraudulent job vacancies, we Reqruit Asia provide some tips to you, so you are not easily fooled by job vacancies. The following are tips to avoid fraudulent job vacancies, namely as follows:



Those are some tips to avoid job vacancy scams. 

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