5 Quick Tips for Getting a Job After Resigning
17 Apr 2023

5 Quick Tips for Getting a Job After Resigning

Some people think that getting a replacement job is easy because they already have previous work experience. Some still have to wait until they get a job again.


When someone feels bored, then time quickly passes without activities that increase income and don't feel comfortable at home because they have resigned. Have you experienced this? If so, then you need to get another job. Therefore, you must understand what to do immediately after resignation and make the most of your time.


Tips for Finding Work Again After Resigning

Ideally, the new job should be of a better standard than the previous job. This is aimed at self-development, especially career advancement that is being occupied. The tips for quickly getting a job again after the recommended resignation include the following:


1. Participate in Training or Short Courses

Nowadays there are many jobs that require special skills. Therefore, after you resign, try to take part in a number of courses that will add to your abilities in the job to be occupied or applied for.

For example, programming courses, foreign language courses, public speaking courses, and others.


2. Apply for Jobs that Match Your Qualifications

This second tip is for those of you who chose to leave your previous job because it didn't match your qualifications. For example, you are an IT graduate, but work in the finance department of a company. This will certainly make you uncomfortable or need effort to adapt first. So, try to find a job that suits your educational background.


3. Update your CV as creatively as possible

You can practice these tips so that you quickly get a job after resigning. The CV that you have must be updated and made as attractive as possible, Company or office HRD parties sometimes also look at small and simple things before going to more complex things from you or other job applicants. Therefore, you should improve your CV as an important thing in the process of getting a job faster after resigning from your previous company.  You can also update your cv on our website, Reqruit Asia. and you can enjoy features such as an english test, personality test and video recording to complement your cv so that hrd can quickly glance at your cv. 


4. Write down achievements while working at the previous company

These tips can convince labor recruiters of your abilities with the achievements you have achieved while working at the previous company. Not only that, they will also be more confident in making you a candidate for their company's prospective employees.


5. Actively Participate in the Virtual Job Fair

You can fill your free time by participating in job fairs held by various hosting companies virtually. Who knows, with that, you can get information regarding the latest job vacancies and according to your qualifications.


Those are the quick tips for getting a job after resigning. Hopefully the tips this time are useful for you. If you are actively looking for a job, recruitment asia has lots of fresh vacancies that you can apply to. 

So what are you waiting for?

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